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MZURI-AGRO is a leading producer of MZURI PRO-TIL belt cultivation aggregates, which thanks to patented solutions cultivate, fertilize and sow in one pass. You will see them live during Polagra Premiery 2020 in January in Poznań.



MZURI machines work on farms all over Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

During the Polagra Premiery 2020 Fair, the company will present, among others MZURI PRO-TIL 4 T and REZULT aggregates.

MZURI PRO-TIL are universal aggregates with a working width of 3, 4 and 6 meters, allowing sowing of all types of cereal, papilionaceous and rapeseed plants in various spacings. The MZURI PRO-TIL 4T, which will be presented during the Fair, is a trailed, four-meter belt cultivating unit equipped with 11 rows of coulters, which spread 36.3 cm apart. MZURI XZACT is a novelty in the offer, which thanks to special sections enables precise sowing of maize, soy, phacelia and sunflower in a belt cultivation system. MZURI PRO-TIL technology used regularly activates a spiral of beneficial changes in soil properties.

The most important features of MZURI PRO-TIL:

  • tines tilled hydraulically variable quantity sowing
  • single- and double-row seed coulters fan driven
  • hydraulically operated flow sensor
  • sensor hydraulic marker traversing hydraulically adjustable harrow
  • semi-pneumatic dispenser managing computer RDS Artemis
  • independent swinging arms with sowing coulters, hydraulically controlled, clamped with clamped.


REZULT is a soil care aggregate that makes it easier to handle straw and crop residues. Distributes it evenly in the field, speeds up decomposition and facilitates seedbed preparation. It is an ideal tool for controlling weeds and snails activity. It will be presented during Polagra Premiery 2020. The aggregate has five rows of spring tines and an optional set of front discs. The discs cut straw and crop residues by mixing them with the topsoil, and the teeth spread everything over the entire field, preparing them for sowing. The front discs not only cut and crush harvest residues, but also perfectly mix fertilizers and plant protection products with the soil. REZULT teeth are indestructible teeth that are 28 inches long (about 70 cm). They are harder than ordinary harrow teeth, and strongly vibrate during work, which increases the effect of crumbling and fragmentation of plant residues remaining on the soil surface.

REZULT is only 2 liters of fuel per hectare, and allows:

  • stop evaporation of water from soil after harvesting plants,
  • level the field surface,
  • provoke weed seeds and self-seeding plants to germinate,
  • destroy weeds and self-seeding plants,
  • reduce the activity of snails, vole, mice and other pests,
  • accelerate the decomposition of crop residues, mix mineral, calcium and organic fertilizers ( solid and liquid) with the soil,
  • evenly distribute the crop residues in the field, and above all, poorly chopped and scattered straw, \ ideally prepare the fields for sowing, sow catch crops.

The most important features of RESULT

  • independent spring-mounted front discs,
  • hydraulically adjustable rake angle,
  • hydraulic folding with automatic lock for safe transport,
  • spring teeth - practically indestructible, five rows of teeth ensuring high efficiency of work.