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Safety standars


The safety of exhibitors and visitors as well as fair service staff is our priority.

MTP Poznań Expo makes every effort to ensure that each participant of the Polagra-Premiery International Agricultural Fair can feel safe and comfortable on the premises of the facility. In order to ensure the safety of exhibitors and visitors, Grupa MTP operates in accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

The Polagra-Premiery International Agricultural Fair is an event addressed to a wide audience, so the current admission rules remain unchanged. Everyone can take part in the event taking all precautions and strictly observing sanitary rules regarding keeping distance
, covering the mouth and nose, and disinfecting hands when entering and exiting  the event site.

In line with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS), we take all kinds of precautions for the safety of our exhibitors and visitors:

  • at the event site, we provide the appropriate distance. Therefore, there may be temporary restrictions on entry to the event site
    , dictated by the maximum number of people that may stay in one area;
  • Before entering the premises, both exhibitors and visitors are required to complete an epidemiological questionnaire.
    We recommend that you fill in the document which is available on the websites of the event electronically;
  • exhibitors and visitors are required to cover their mouth and nose both in and outside the halls, except for gastronomic spaces where they eat meals;
  • hand disinfection is obligatory at the entrance and exit from the event area;
  • tickets for our events can be bought online only;

There is a medical point at the MTP Poznań Expo fairgrounds. The medical team is in permanent contact with the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and with the assigned hospital. Additionally, Grupa MTP has intensified efforts to maintain cleanliness within the fairgrounds. According to the recommendations of sanitary authorities, all toilets, handrails and door handles will be disinfected several  times per day by the cleaning services. Moreover, the toilets at the fairgrounds are provided with disinfectant dispensers and the instructions for proper hand washing. The official announcement the Chief Sanitary Inspector is also displayed in the exhibition halls.


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How do we care for safety at the MTP Poznań Expo?