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eDWIN – an application that will help farmers


Warnings against pests or bad weather, notifications about possible dangers in the field or reducing environmental pollution – these are examples of the benefits that the implementation of the nationwide eDWIN application will bring.

The aim of the project “Internet Platform for Consulting and Decision Support in Integrated Plant Protection” (this is the full name of the eDWIN project) is to create a national IT system for plant protection, which is to positively affect the quality of food produced in Poland. In practice, it will be software dedicated to plant protection.

In June 2022, four electronic services will appear on the market, which can be implemented thanks to the new eDWIN platform and application. These services are “Virtual Farm”, “Traceability of Products”, “Risk Reporting” and “Meteorological Data Sharing”.

The first of them, i.e. “Virtual Farm”, will be the most important for farmers. As part of this service, farmers will receive, through the application, notifications about threats in the field, the possibility of pests, weather changes or advice on whether, when and in what amount to use plant protection products. In addition, the application will enable quick and easy contact with an agricultural advisor. In addition, farmers will also receive current meteorological data on an ongoing basis. For this purpose, a network of meteorological stations has been built throughout Poland (almost 600 in total).

The second e-service, available within the eDWIN application, will be “Traceability of Products”. It is addressed to agricultural producers, but also consumers, that is, in practice, each of us. Thanks to this service, producers will be able to enter into the register data on the origin of a given product, including the conditions and history of its cultivation. In turn, consumers will be able to see this information.

The third service is “Risk Reporting”, which will be intended for local governments, public institutions responsible for supervision or implementation of plant protection, and scientific institutions. Thanks to this service, it will be possible to generate reports from the monitoring system of diseases and pests in agriculture and horticulture.

The last available service within the eDWIN application will be “Meteorological Data Sharing”. Users of this service will have access to current and archived meteorological data from the network of agrometeorological stations. This, in turn, will allow for carrying out analyses enabling the identification of cyclically repeated events, sending weather warnings or determining natural disasters.

Work on the eDWIN application began in June 2019, when representatives of the Wielkopolska Agricultural Advisory Centre in Poznań signed a contract with Centrum Projektów Polska Cyfrowa (Digital Poland Projects Centre). eDWIN is the first agricultural project financed under the Digital Poland program. The total value of the project is as much as PLN 20,902,508.02, of which PLN 17,689,792.53 comes from European funds, and the rest are funds from the state budget.

As many as 19 partners participate in the development of the application. These are all provincial agricultural advisory centres in Poland, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre, Institute of Plant Protection − National Research Institute, Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów. Moreover, eDWIN was implemented under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The initiator and leader of the project is the Wielkopolska Agricultural Advisory Centre in Poznań.

In September 2021, for the implementation of the eDWIN project, the Wielkopolska Agricultural Advisory Centre in Poznań was awarded the Polish Intelligent Development Award in the category of “Innovative digitisation and sharing of data”.

We invite you to visit the stand of the Wielkopolska Agricultural Advisory Centre at the Polagra Premiery 2022 Fair.