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GB Hybrid 450 at Polagra Premiery 2022


During the Polagra PREMIERY 2022 Fair, there will be an opportunity to learn about the technology of Mr. Marcin Gryn, who will present his machine, which is a hybrid of a subsoiler and an aggregate for strip cultivation. Additionally, daily lectures on the machine making process will take place in the conference space available to all visitors.

The GB Agro company manufactures agricultural machinery, in particular machines for deep soil cultivation with fertiliser application and sowing in the non-plowing technology.

A few words about GB Hybrid 450:

1) The name Hybrid is not coincidental and it... it has nothing to do with electrics. The machine is a hybrid of a subsoiler and an aggregate for strip soil cultivation.

2) It is possible to work in three different spacing of the working sections: 30, 45 and 75 cm.

3) Depth of work and fertilisation up to 50 cm

4) High ground clearance of the main frame - 1m. Those who still remember the times of Polish bed plows, probably remember problems with the clogging of the machine, caused by too low coulters. Having learned from this old experience, we have used not only one of the biggest buggy Off-sets, but also the BIGGEST ground clearance under the frame,

5) Two-depth fertilisation

6) Possibility of aggregating the machine with any type of seeder, thanks to the universal hydropack.

The weight of the machine is 2 300 kg.

We invite you to a lecture by Mr. Marcin Gryn and a personal meeting during the Polagra Premiery Fair